Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinets – What You Should Know

The Lowe’s kitchen cabinets have been installed and oh my goodness, I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since. These kitchen cabinets are SO much more amazing than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to show you why I’m already obsessed with them… even without the countertops installed yet!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we got all of our cabinets at Lowe’s and documented everything a newbie needs to know when choosing new cabinets (and countertops) for the first time. It was quite the learning experience, but now that they’re installed, I’m happy to report I don’t have ANY regrets.

I’m extremely happy with every decision we made so far. Today I’m sharing all of the specific cabinet and hardware details for anyone else interested in potentially buying their own Lowe’s kitchen cabinets.

Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinets

Lowes Kitchen Cabinets after installation

All of the cabinets in our kitchen/dining room are from the Kraftmaid line at Lowe’s. The cabinets are special order, but were quickly shipped and were super affordable. The doors are shaker-style doors, which means that there is not a lot of detail on the face, but instead, a very simple design.

Of course, there are LOTS of different styles of cabinet doors to choose from, this is just the one we went with for your reference. All of the doors on the cabinets cover almost the entire cabinet face, which is another decision you make during the buying process and one I wanted to point out just so this decision is on your radar.

Cabinet Colorswhite upper cabinets and black lower cabinets from Lowes

The lower cabinets are Onyx Black and the upper cabinets, along with the large pantry, are the standard white color. Regardless of what color(s) you choose, be sure to add on a touch-up kit of the cabinets’ exact color(s) so you can seamlessly touch them up over the years.

Cabinet SizesTwo Tone Lowe's Kitchen Cabinets

We went with all standard-sized cabinets in the kitchen area because we didn’t have any unique circumstances that required otherwise. However, we did adjust the sizing from the standard options a bit on the lower cabinets in the dining room and on the drawers for the window seat.

A standard lower cabinet is 24 inches deep, which concerned me because I didn’t want the cabinets to “butt out” too much into that traffic path. The dining room table isn’t in place yet but after I did the measuring and taped out the mock cabinets, I was nervous that cabinets jutting out 24 inches into this pathway would be too much.

So I opted for 21″ deep cabinets for this area, which cost a bit more per cabinet because this wasn’t standard. In the end, I think it was worth it because I don’t want the Lowe’s kitchen cabinets to feel intrusive to the traffic. Now that they’re in, I’m happy I made this decision.

black drawers that double as a window seatI pretty much used this same thought process for the window seat. These are actually just cabinet drawers that we sat next to each other to create a built-in window seat look.

I have a lot more details coming about this space, but ultimately I decided to make them 18″ deep instead of the standard 24”. I didn’t want the window seat to impede people trying to sit down or get up from their seats at the table, so I opted for the narrow version and I’m happy I did.

Cabinet Hardware

Champagne hardware from Lowe's

The hardware on all of the cabinets is also from Lowe’s. I chose it online and was very impressed at the quality and color when it arrived in the mail. Here is a link to the exact knobs I chose and here is a link to the exact pulls I chose.

mixing pulls and knobs in the kitchen

The color on these is actually “champagne” instead of traditional brass. The name definitely fits the look because the gold-ish color is a bit softer and more muted than brass.

pulls on drawers and knobs on doors

If you follow us on InstaStories, you know that I had a hard time deciding on how to mix and match these two options. You guys gave me so much amazing feedback that I’m actually going to write a whole post on your insight and the different options.

champagne cabinet knobs and pulls on black cabinetsUltimately, I decided to go with knobs on the cabinet doors and pulls on the drawers. The only reason I chose this setup (and not the opposite) was that our drawers are very large (and deep) so I plan to store a lot of large, heavy items in them. I figured the pull would be a little sturdier over time as we open and close the heavy drawers.

pantry doors with champagne pullsI

used this “rule” throughout the kitchen, with the exception of the pantry doors! I definitely wouldn’t call this solution the only right way though, especially after hearing your feedback!

My advice to others would be… you do you! As long as you love the setup, that’s all that matters! You can also read this blog post with tips to choose the correct hardware (size and placement) for your kitchen.

The Cabinet “Extras”extra organization in kitchen drawers

Now let’s talk about the best part of these amazing Lowe’s kitchen cabinets… the extras! For a girl who loves to organize, these are my jam. I literally felt like I won the lottery when they were unboxing these special cabinets. #nerdalert

To Splurge Or Not To Splurge?installing Lowe's kitchen cabinets and a cost breakdown

Before I get into the details of what extras we chose, I do want to point out that these extras were add-ons that cost extra in the cabinet buying process. I’d say we went middle of the road when it came to the extra organizing options you could include in your cabinetry.

There were definitely more basic options and there were even more specific and glorious options. Heck, you could “customize” every cabinet to fit your needs. K-cup drawers, silverware organizers, built-in spice racks, knife drawers, you name it, Lowe’s has so many options! I honestly had no idea!

Lowe's kitchen cabinets in a dining room and kitchenI know what you’re thinking, the last thing anyone wants to do after shelling out thousands of dollars on cabinets is add-on extras. I get it. But I also think a few extras can go a long way in making your everyday life more organized. If every day you open the silverware drawer and smile inside because of the secret storage it provides, I think that is worth the splurge. You may have had this kitchen for 20+ years!

What We Decided

We opted for a DOUBLE LAYER silverware organizer for our silverware drawer.

double layer utensil drawerI chose a DOUBLE LAYER organizer for our utensils because we can never seem to keep that mess from looking like a junk drawer.

spice rack drawer pull out

We got a spice drawer so Matt can lay out all his spices and see what we have when he’s cooking away!

utensil drawers

We also got another utensil bin, mostly because this was a tiny drawer with not much of a purpose. This drawer offered some much-needed organization for this awkward space.

pantry pull outs

Matt and I got some roll-out shelves for our pantry so that we can easily see what we have and food will no longer get “lost” in the black hole that used to be our old pantry.

We are also going to add some DIY organizing solutions inside of the cabinets/drawers, which I promise to keep you updated on when we get to that point.

Cabinet Installation

We actually used the local contractors that work with Lowe’s to install our cabinets because I knew they would be familiar with working with Lowe’s cabinets (since they do it so often). You purchase this service through Lowe’s and eventually work directly with that contractor to get the project done. lowe's cabinet installation

I LOVED our Lowe’s contractors and will definitely use them in the future. They were well aware of what to do, how to work with these specific cabinets, and even followed-up with a few “extras” that I never thought of (like cabinet stoppers so that cabinets next to the wall won’t open and damage the wall). Super happy with their service, but obviously everyone’s experience will be unique to your location/specific contractors. Worth looking into though!

Cabinet Costs

It’s always a little awkward to talk about money, but getting real about HOW MUCH a full kitchen renovation cost is a major part of the story for others making plans. So in honor of those readers, let’s talk money.

The cost for ALL of the cabinets, including all of the add-ons and the extra trim pieces/crown molding (not pictured yet) was $10,721.  This price does not include the sink, hardware or countertops. The sink cost almost $2,000 and the hardware was approximately $400.

So all together this stage costs approximately $13,500.

how much do Lowe's kitchen cabinets cost?

I know, that’s A LOT of money! My best advice would be to wait for cabinet sales, which happen more often than you think. Whether it be at Lowe’s or wherever you decide to shop for your cabinets, try to figure out when these sales run and plan accordingly. Cabinets take 4-8 weeks to be delivered based on level of customization.

analyzing how much Lowe's kitchen cabinets cost and what you should consider before you buy

I also try and focus on the fact that a kitchen renovation is an investment in the resale value of your home. Experts say that the return on a kitchen renovation can run up to 90%, with the minimum being at least 70%.

So I know it’s a lot of money now, but the investment should be worth it in the long run!


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