Kitchen Update: Appliances are Officially Installed

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Maytag. The opinions and text are all mine.

Last week I gave you an update on our new kitchen cabinets, and I’m back with another kitchen update – the installation of our new Maytag appliances. Spoiler alert: I love them and don’t even know where to start this tour because there’s so much to chat about! I guess we’ll start with the biggest one and work our way backward. They have helped us power through this renovation and make such a difference already…

Our New Maytag Appliances

You can catch up on how I chose these appliances, including 8 things to consider when buying new kitchen appliances, here. I did a lot of research to find kitchen appliances that not only functioned well, but ones I thought would look great, too. Fast forward a couple of months, and I’m so glad I ordered the ones I did because these Maytag fingerprint resistant stainless steel appliances do exactly that.

maytag appliances in a kitchen renovationLet’s start with the refrigerator…

Maytag French Door Refrigerator

maytag refrigerator with double doorsIsn’t she gorgeous?! I love the 36-inch wide counter depth of this refrigerator because it means the only parts of the fridge that “stick out” past the cabinets are the doors. And the doors sticking out is a necessity, so the doors can open and close without hitting the cabinets. You can read more about what “counter depth” means for your kitchen here!

Maytag counter depth refrigerator in kitchenOne of the two complaints I had about our old refrigerator was how much it stuck out into our kitchen (which you can see in these before photos). It was so deep that it made the kitchen feel so much smaller.

Plus, I HATED that the old fridge’s body literally stuck out six or more inches from our cabinets. It just looked so odd to me.

an honest review of maytag appliances in a kitchenThis refrigerator is the exact opposite. It fits perfectly in our the kitchen and it doesn’t invade our space. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold.

The other complaint I had about our old refrigerator is that it had equal parts refrigerator and freezer, which didn’t fit our family’s lifestyle well. The freezer would always be close to empty while we’d ALWAYS be short on space in the refrigerator.

french double door refrigerator by maytagThis is why we opted for the French door refrigerator because it has space for ALL THE THINGS! It can fit large trays for entertaining, has great compartments, and opening the double doors and seeing how BIG it is, makes me feel like we will never run out of space. A favorite feature of mine? PowerCold®! It helps get everything in our fridge cooled down quickly after a big trip to the grocery store.

maytag freezer with roll out drawerAnd like we did in our old house, we plan on using the handy drawer on the bottom of the refrigerator to easily store our frozen foods. My fellow freezer drawer people, would you like a tutorial on how we keep that space organized?! A few tricks go along way!

And last, but certainly not least, I’m excited that this refrigerator (and the rest of our appliances) have easy to clean fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish. Meaning, Matt will no longer need to obsessively clean the refrigerator doors whenever he sees a fingerprint. And thank goodness, because now that Ben is crawling and climbing, we wish everything in our house was fingerprint resistant. Haha, wouldn’t that be amazing?!

filtered water inside of a maytag refrigeratorOh, wait… one more thing! There’s even a place to pour a glass of filtered water inside of the refrigerator. I love this extra perk because it allows for a clean front of the appliance, yet still provides the benefit of the water station that so many refrigerators have on the outside of the fridge. Brilliant!

Maytag Gas Range

Okay, enough gushing about the refrigerator. Let’s chat about the new gas range.

maytag stove next to black lower cabinetsJust like the refrigerator, we went with the counter depth range so it would align well with our cabinets for a seamless look. I knew I’d be happy with this decision, but seeing it come together is even better than I expected!

stove with no backsplashI also chose the range without the back plate so that it would look seamless next to the countertops. I’m SO happy with the decision.

counterdepth maytag range with no backsplashtop controls on a maytag rangeMatt has already tested out the range and oven and cannot wait to get back in the cooking game, which is perfect timing before the holidays!

Maytag Dishwasher

top controls on a maytag dishwasher

I never thought a dishwasher could be beautiful… until now! All of the controls on this top control dishwasher are hidden at the very top of the dishwasher, which I love because it creates a nice, sleek look.

maytag dishwasher in a kitchenBut what I love the most is that we… almost have a dishwasher again! Unfortunately, we have to wait until the countertops are in to run this appliance. Our first order of business when the time comes is putting in all of Ben’s bottles and even his toys for a deep clean – I’m looking at you, PowerBlast® cycle.

We’ve been doing our best over the last month to hand wash everything (more on how we’re living without a kitchen here), but there’s nothing like putting the dishes on a run through the sanitization cycle to start fresh and give us a break from soapy hands.

silverware tray in a dishwashersilverware organizer in a dishwasherI’m especially excited to test out this silverware tray because it has a slot for each piece of silverware. I used to be guilty of putting way too many pieces of silverware in my old tray, only to find that food would get caught in there and none of the silverware seemed clean. I’m hoping the slots will help me avoid overfilling the silverware drawer from now on.

maytag counterdepth refrigerator and dishwasherAnd just like the stove and refrigerator, the dishwasher also has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish. Ben is constantly standing up while holding onto the dishwasher and I have not cleaned a fingerprint yet. How is that even possible?! #mindblown

Maytag Microwave

maytag mircrowave hidden in a pantryLet’s chat about the over-the-range microwave that is actually not located above our range, but instead, hidden inside of our pantry. I was nervous about how this would work out because I’ve never lived with a microwave hidden away,  but I already love the placement and function so much.

microwave inside of a pantryWe had our contractors add an electrical outlet inside of the cabinet. The cabinet installers cut that outlet into the back of the cabinet and that’s literally all we had to do to prep for this look.

We added one of the shelves that came with the cabinet at the height we wanted and sat the microwave right on that shelf. We plugged it in and the rest is history… I still cannot believe how easy it was to conceal the microwave!

I’ll definitely keep you updated on how we like this setup because I’m sure others may have questions like I did when I first heard of this option. But so far, we love both the function and the look of this “pantry hack”.

Not Done Just Yet…

We still need to hook up and hang the hood, which probably won’t happen until after we install the backsplash. But until then, we are SO excited to have a functioning kitchen back… and even more ecstatic to have appliances we love!

maytag appliances in a black and white kitchenMy best advice for others deciding on new appliances would be to do your research and be sure to consider the aesthetic factors along with their functionality. Maytag takes notice of these design details and works hard to create appliances for your kitchen that you’ll not only love to use but ones you’ll love to look at too!

Also – if you’re looking to get new appliances, you can get Maytag deals before they’re gone through November 28.


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