Jan’s Main Bedroom Refresh – The Reveal

Last month, I kicked off my mom’s bedroom refresh with a game plan for her space along with a sconce hack to add new lighting over her nightstands. The only other changes we had for her bright bedroom makeover were new accessories, so I’m already here with the big reveal!

My mom's bedroom makeover refresh

Even though we made minimal changes here, with new lighting, nightstands, rug, and accessories, it feels like a fresh space. It’s wild how a few small changes can reinvigorate a room and give it a new life. It just goes to show that you can slowly tweak a room so it feels more like you.

Jan’s Bedroom Before

Let me emphasize that my mom’s bedroom before was gorgeous. This is hardly a dramatic before and after. But my mom wanted to inject a bit more color into the room and was looking for a refresh to kick off the year. So that’s exactly what we did!

Jan’s Bedroom Now

jan's bright bedroom makeover
My mom's bright bedroom makeover and refresh
A new colorful lumbar pillow for the bed

We used lots of subtle swaps and tweaks to give it a refreshing look. Let’s dive into all of the details.

The Nightstands

If you remember, the nightstands she had were the last pieces from my mom’s old home. She was eager to part ways with them and it made sense because they weren’t the right scale for this low-profile bed.

New wood nightstands for this bright bedroom makeover

The new nightstands are the perfect height and size for the space. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous with the dark wood and brass detailing.

Sconces over the nightstands

Swapping out the lamps for the sconces really freed up space on the nightstands. If you remember this post, we didn’t even hire an electrician for the job. Instead, we used this cool sconce hack to give them light without the complicated hardwiring. They look awesome!

The New Rug

The new rug in the room
Loloi rug for this bright bedroom makeover

The rug (in the salmon/ink color) adds a lot of color and texture to the space. We ended up going with an 8.5 x 11.5 size. When choosing how to lay a rug, I often recommend laying it with the long side of the rug parallel to the longest wall.

A wall of built-ins in this main bedroom makeover

I love that the rug extends well past the foot of her bed so there’s a lot of comfort underfoot on the other side of the room.

My mom's bright bedroom makeover

However, I wish the rug was a tad wider. This was the largest rug we could use for this particular space. (If we would have ordered something bigger, it would have hit the walls.) If I could, I’d like at least six inches more on each side of the bed, but we fell in love with the color of this rug, so we decided to order it in the size that would work the best. I share more about choosing the best rug size for your space in this blog post if you need some guidance on your space.

Updated Accessories

How to decorate a nightstand

You may have noticed that I hung two matching frames on the side of the bed. I think it’s always a good idea to layer in frames to give your nightstand a bit more dimension.

Nightstand styling

My mom bought these gold frames in a 10×14 and used 8×10 photos in the center.

How to decorate a nightstand

On one side, she has a picture of her with her siblings. On the other, she has her four grandkids. I just used command strips to attach the lightweight frames to the wall.

Tips to decorate a nightstand

I picked up a few new accessories to style the nightstands, including that adorable wicker tray. Here are a few of my most-used nightstand styling tips.

  • Utilize stacked books to give an item height
  • Corral smaller items with a tray
  • Layer in frames for dimension
  • Use objects with various heights
  • Don’t over clutter
  • Include fresh flowers or greenery when possible
  • Group items in threes
My best nightstand styling tips

I share more of my best shelf styling tips in this blog post. Really, I’m all about displaying items that are important to you. In Jan’s room, we have framed photos of her loved ones, family heirlooms (like the small plate painted by my great-grandmother), and a lucky horseshoe placed on top of the stack of books.

Choosing a new lumbar pillow for my mom's bedroom

We kept all of the bedding the same and just swapped out her lumbar pillow for this colorful one. It’s from the same line as the rug, so they complement each other well. If you want to update the look of your bed, start with a new lumbar pillow.

Built-In Wall

Wall of built-ins for extra storage

My mom’s wall of built-ins still looks the same as when she had them installed. She LOVES them. Here, she stores all kinds of things. From her jewelry, to socks and underwear, to her Christmas decorations. These add so much storage to her small condo and I’m so happy we went with these for her bedroom.

A wall of built-ins in a bedroom

You can read more about these (the install and price) over in this blog post.

A wall of built-ins in a master bedroom

My mom agrees that this was money well spent on her home.

Hallway of Pictures

Symmetrical gallery wall in a hallway

I’d be remiss if I didn’t showcase a photo of my mom’s lovely gallery wall. This is one of the most popular posts on the blog and those inexpensive frames were my best selling product in 2021! They really are great frames, so I can see why! My mom constantly changes up the 8×10 photos in these frames, showcasing everyone in our family.

Before & After

jan bedroom before
Jan’s Bedroom – MLS Photos
Jan's bedroom makeover
Jan's bedroom before
A wall of built-ins in this main bedroom makeover

Jan’s Bright Bedroom Makeover – Sources

My mom's light bright bedroom makeover

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “Gray Owl” // Bed // Art (local from The Painted Lady Chicago) // White Duvet // Blush Quilt // Blush Pillows  // Lumbar Pillow // Woven Shades // Gold Frames // Nightstands // Rug (Ink/Salmon Color) // Sconces // Wicker Tray // Flower Vase // Cream Vase // Faux Greenery // Black Built-In Hardware // Ceiling Fan // Black & White Frames // Hallway Sconce (from Rejuvenation; no longer sold)

What’s Next?

My mom's bedroom makeover

So I know we mentioned in this first blog post about her room that my mom was getting a new mattress. We’re still working on it, so we haven’t gotten one just yet. That’s pretty much the only thing left to do in this room! Other than that, my mom is feeling good about the space and all of the changes we made.


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