How to Turn a Shutter into a Memo Board

Like many blog readers, we are big fans of Young House Love and Bower Power Blog. These women gave us the courage and inspiration to start our own blog…so they’re of course considered “Hall of Famers” in our book!
Anyways, these lovely ladies have a Pinterest Challenge going on and we decided this was a great opportunity to showcase one of our fav projects!

I originally saw the seafoam shutter board on Pinterest via  I immediately thought it was a clever, unique, and adorable idea.

One trip to Habitat for Humanity Restore and I was good to go.

Here’s my original post on transforming these shutters from drab to fab in no time!

Clothespins now hold all kinda of goodies…

Like Bridget’s creative New House Announcement.

Some vintage keys…

And photobooth prints and pictures of my favorite city.

Clothespins help hold everything in place. I even have a few fun clothespins with a geographical twist! It’s simply just a map mod podged right onto both sides of the pin.

I use this West Elm bowl to hold extra clothespins…just in case I want to change things up on a shutter.

I gotta say, I love any sort of Pinterest Challenge. I sometimes feel like Pinterest can be so incredibly overwhelming. Here we are pinning all of these fabulous pins…delicious recipes, gorgeous outfits, and of course DIY projects galore.  Pinterest sometimes makes me feel like a big underachiever. But it’s time to stop pinning, and start doing!

So, I’m oh-so-happy to join the hosts of this Pinterest Challenge and actually re-create a “pinspiration.

I’ll be linking up to these 4 lovelies…so be sure to check out their blogs for all of the link-up action.

Megan – The Remodeled Life
Katie – Bower Power Blog
Sherry – Young House Love
Michelle – Decor & The Dog

So what are your thoughts on Pinterest? Are you pinning and doing? Or just pinning like many of us? 


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