How to Make a DIY Basset Hound Storage Seat

I love Target. There’s no denying it. The place is nothing less than ah-mazing.

Full of colorful patterns…yes.
On trend…always.
Affordable…my favorite part!

I won’t go into any more of the mushy-gushy details of my not-so-secret love affair with this place, I’ll just show you one more reason why I can’t get enough of that red circle and dot!

A $5 Storage Seat

Target Ottoman
Enter this $5 storage solution. I found this navy cushion for five bucks. Yes, you read that right, a 5 spot bought me this cushion in the post-back-to-school college dorm aisle. It was the perfect combination of cheap, functional, and fashionable, so of course, I scooped her up and brought her home.
The top of this little bin was removable and allowed for some secret storage. Double bonus. If you know anything about us rookies, you know that we love us some secret storage solutions.
navy and blue living room
So I decided to place both of these five dollar treasures in my family room. Not only do they offer some secret storage, but they also double as some extra seating in the room. #doubleplay
Navy ottomans
I mean, how cozy are these puppies?
Navy storage seats
Put a lid on it and you can’t even tell what secrets are stuffed in each of them.
how to make a basset hound storage seat
But wait, I wasn’t done with these just yet. I still wanted to add a little extra personality to these tiny treasures. Hmmmm…

Adding Some Personality

basset hound coffee mug
That’s when I was inspired by this charmer. Matt has a basset hound that he absolutely adores, and I loved the idea (and opportunity) of adding a personal touch to the ottomans. I knew Matt would love this idea and in turn, I would love them even more! #compromise101

How to Make a DIY Basset Hound Storage Seat

how to iron onto fabric
Step 1: Trace your basset template (pic found on google image) off of your computer screen, just by taping a piece of paper on your screen and tracing away. Cut out your hush puppies.
iron on template
Step 2: Using this tutorial, I attached interfacing to the white fabric and traced the template onto the wrong side of the fabric.
Fabric and interfacing
Step 3: After cutting the fabric/interfacing combo, all I had to do was peel away the interfacing and iron on the puppy.
Iron on fabric
Step 4: Iron the fabric onto the middle of the ottoman…
dog silhouette outline
…and enjoy your hard work.
Basset hound silhouette on ottoman
If this isn’t puppy love, I just don’t know what is?
Dog silhouette on fabric
Thanks to my happy place, I was able to steal $5 seats that have stolen my heart, added secret storage to our place, and scored me some major bonus points with the man. I love these basset hound storage seats!
How to make basset hound storage seats
To all of our dog lovers out there…. what do you think of my basset hound storage seats?!