How to Make a Glam Bachelorette Party Wreath

Calling all fellow bridesmaids: here’s a classy & glamorous alternative to the sometimes not-so classy world of bachelorette decor.

Bachelorette Party Wreath

How to make a bachelorette party wreath
Gold, glamorous, and full of sparkle – check, check, double check! Let’s get this bachelorette party started!

Supplies to Make a Bachelorette Party Wreath

  • Foam pipe protector (one of these can be picked up for under $1 at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. It’s a great alternative to your typical wreath forms that can be upward of $10)
  • Gold Garland
  • White Boa
  • Strand of pearls
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Marker
  • Wreath Hanger
Scissors and tape to make a bachelorette party wreath
You’ll start by measuring the tubing to create a wreath size that fits your needs.
Cutting Tubing to make a wreath
Once you’ve identified the size of the wreath, go ahead and cut the foam protector and remove the plastic from the foam to stick the pipe together. It’s almost like making the foam pipe protector into a fun noodle.
Wreath Form inexpensive
Go ahead and bend the foam piping to the wreath form you want and tape the ends together using your painter’s tape. Notice my tape job was far from perfect… that’s okay!! I wasn’t too concerned because I knew the ugly blue tape will be covered by something far more pretty.
Using a boa to dress up a wreath
Now for the fun part! Using my handy dandy hot glue gun, I scribbled glue on each section of the foam and wrapped the boa around and around and around. I repeated this step until the boa was completely glued onto the wreath form.
adding accessories to a wreath form
Repeat that same process, this time using the gold and glamorous garland rather than the boa.
Making a gold wreath
To finish off the wrapping, I took my strand of pearls and glued those babies on the last remaining part of the wreath. As far as I’m concerned, the pearls are the perfect buffer between the sparkling garland and the wild and crazy boa. Pearls always add a little class, even when they’re surrounded by crazy. (Make sure you remember that next time you’re rocking some pearls!)
Future Mrs. Bachelorette Party Decorations
Now, the remaining part of the pearls is used to hang our “future Mrs.” banner flags. I simply cut some triangles out of some leftover fabric and used a gold fabric marker to free-hand each letter. Thread those flags through the pearl strand & wrap the rest of the strand around the wreath.

Cheers to The Bride to Be

Future Mrs. Banner
My wreath reads “future Mrs.” but any message could be a fun way to address the bride-to-be. Her future last name, all you need is love, last fling… whatever fits your bachelorette “theme” would fit the ticket.
How to make a bachelorette party wreath
Hang your new wreath on the door as your guests arrive for the bachelorette party or bring it to the place where all of the ladies will be primping the morning of the big day. We assure you that the bride-to-be will be feeling a little bit more glamorous- and what bride wouldn’t love that?
Stay classy fellow bridesmaids… and always remember, pearls add class- even amongst the craziness. Looking or more bachelorette party ideas? Be sure to make these super cute party favors!