How to Make Valentine’s Day Coasters

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the DIY Playbook is turning up the heat on red, pink, and gold inspired crafts that can add a v-day hint to your home OR be perfect gifts for your friends, co-workers, neighbors, or favorite family members.
First up, these fun tribal coasters. Because our scrabble coasters were such a big hit, we thought why not inspire our readers to replace those coasters with a little February spirit?

Valentine’s Day Coasters

How to make Valentine's Day coasters in a tribal pattern
These lovely coasters are the perfect addition to your coffee table, nightstand, desk at home or work, or festive bar cart. We tried our hand at a cupid-meets-tribal inspired pattern, but you really can make your set of coasters to fit your Valentine’s Day needs. (names, hearts, polka dots, love is quotes, initials…)

Valentine’s Day Coasters – Supplies

  • Tile Squares (we scored ours at Habitat for Humanity Restore for 10 cents each)
  • Paint Markers or oil-based Sharpie
  • Felt stickers (4 per tile)
  • Ribbon (optional for wrapping)
  • Ruler
felt tips
Speaking from the perspective of having absolutely NO artistic talent, this pattern looks faaaaarrrrrr harder than it actually is. You don’t need to be at all “artistic” to make these coasters. With a ruler, we drew 3 or 4 vertical lines across the tile. Then, without the ruler, we made little lines that zig-zagged through the other lines. Here’s a sloppy version of the steps:
How to draw a tribal pattern
After that, we colored in random boxes throughout the pattern. No rhyme or reason to the coloring, it was all very random. As you can tell, ours are neither perfectly aligned nor perfectly straight and that’s okay. When you try and tackle all of these lines to create the desired pattern… don’t be hard on yourself. The imperfections make it unique to you and that’s what makes this project fun!
valentine's day coasters
Then we colored the border of the tile, baked the squares according to the marker’s instructions, let ’em cool, slapped the felt pieces on each, poured ourselves a drink & cheers-ed to our lovely new coasters!
ribbon and feather
And the extra coasters we created? We stacked these darling squares and wrapped them in a festive ribbon. We hope to give this adorable “package” as a valentine to someone who will LOVE them just as much as we do.
valentine's gift
We especially love the extra pop of color that the border provides when the tiles are stacked.
Valentine's Day COasters
And there you have it…. ten cent tiles that quickly turned into trendy coasters that you can’t help but L.O.V.E! In honor of these coasters, let’s all cheers to kickin’ off a week of Valentine’s Projects in style.