Be Happy Pallet Sign


It’s such a strange word isn’t it? I feel like these days many people often say their goal is to lead a “happy life.” You ask, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?” and often times you’ll hear “I want to be HAPPY!” thrown somewhere in there along with a fulfilling career, family, and good health. That’s a great answer, but what does it truly mean to be happy?

I’ve been thinking A LOT about that question lately. Last year I quit my “corporate-y” job to come home to Chicago and pursue projects that I actually enjoy. I wasn’t feeling stimulated at my past job, and didn’t see much room for growth. I remember coming home crying to Finn, asking him what I should do, how could I be happy at work? And he simply (& sweetly) urged me to take control of my career path. So in August I made the scary jump from full-time gig to freelance, and I haven’t looked back. It was a terrifying decision, but I’ve managed to survive the transition and I’m now taking on plenty of clients.

Am I happy now as a freelancer? Kinda. The answer should be a resounding “yes!” However, as any freelancer can tell you it’s scary to think too far into the future. Sure I’m busy now, but what if that one client doesn’t ask me to come back? What if I sit at home the entire month of July with no work? The anxiety of the future is holding me back from truly being happy RIGHT NOW. And the thing is I don’t want it to. I want to be able to wake up each day with a smile on my face, and be able to count my blessings on all of my fingers and my toes.

Homemade canvas art with an inspiring quote

Remember the last time I was worried about the past….anxious about the future…and not living in the present? I decided to make this quote onto canvas, so the mantra would be stuck in my mind each and every single day.

Our master bedroom with the canvas art project sitting on the dresser

That canvas art is still going strong in our master bedroom…but I wanted to also incorporate this new happiness sentiment. So I decided to tackle another DIY project, and I enlisted the help of my fellow rookie and pallet building extraordinaire.

See those O’Connor’s have quite the knack for building magnificent pieces of art out of old pallets…

Craft fairs are full of creative pallet art signs
Father's Day pallet sign Bridget made for her father

Just like when B made this amazing pallet for her Dad for Father’s Day. When she blogged about that pallet, she divulged all of the deets on creating this awesome work of art. So I won’t bore you with the details about building a pallet sign. If you’re looking for the goods, you can just head to this post for the full tutorial.

Instead, we’re going to jump right to my finished pallet sign…

Be Happy pallet sign hanging on the wall above a nightstand

If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have seen this little gem a few weeks back. Yep, it’s a pallet with a big “BE HAPPY” message on it. That pallet sign is actually hanging in Bridget’s guest room. We worked on it at her casa, and hung it up in there to try it out on the wall. Looked pretty fab if you ask me.

Lucky for me, Bridget already has an amazing pallet sign in her guest room and I was able to take this home with me for a much needed pick-me-up on a boring wall…

A blank unadorned wall needs a bit of decoration

The area by our TV has been seriously lacking in the decorating department, and I knew this sign would be the perfect addition to the space.

A Be Happy pallet sign looks great on this wall that needed some extra decoration

I’m totally loving this little area. I added some color with a HomeGoods throw and pillows, and it is now looking much more cheerful.

DIY Be Happy pallet sign hanging on the living room wall

Not to mention, you can’t help but notice this huuuuge sign when you walk into our home. Sure it’s a nice message for our guests. But more importantly it’s a reminder to me.

I look at this sign and take its message seriously. I’m going to Be Happy RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t say Be Happy….when you have more money. Be Happy…when it’s finally the weekend. Not when I buy my own house. Not when I’m 10 lbs lighter. Not when I have a child, or a family of my own. Nope. It simply says Be Happy. And to me that means I need to see the joy and happiness in this moment. The blessings I have right now…not the ones that may happen in my future.

Be Happy pallet sign - a great reminder for every day happiness

So there you have it. My small daily reminder that is making a big impact on my life. I hope you take some time today to live in the moment and be happy right now. You deserve it.

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