Chalkboard LOVE

My love for chalkboards is old news around here.

This giant framed chalkboard is great decoration that you can change up any time you wantHowever… my old friend the chalkboard has been updated with a little extra LOVE just in time for Valentine’s Day. I recently erased the North Pole sign (until next year, Frosty) and replaced it with a life-sized portrait of one of my favorite things
Large chalk "crayons" to draw on our chalkboardNo…. not a life-sized chalk portrait of Matt. More like…
A giant milkshake chalkboard drawing… a life-sized chalk sketch of my all-time favorite food. If anything spells out L-O-V-E, it’s a chocolate milkshake alongside my handsome groom.
We drew a giant milkshake on our large office chalkboard for funI’m loving the change in scenery that this budget friendly DIY offers, but I didn’t anticipate having a non-stop craving for a milkshake over the past month thanks to this XL shake. Not great planning on my part.
Heart sprinkles on our life-sized milkshake drawingOther than the fact that I always want a shake, I do have to say this cutie does make me smile and get in the Valentine’s mood without having to deck out the whole place in traditional heart decor. Colorful office decorAnd I’ll have you know that I haven’t splurged on a chocolate shake just yet. This bad boy has been up for about two weeks, but I’ve waiting for this weekend to enjoy my favorite drink with my favorite Valentine. One thing I do know for sure about our milkshake date– it is not going to be one shake, two-straws. More like 2 shakes, one straw each.
The giant chalkboard adds a fun touch to our otherwise normal office decorBridget's office sofa with blankets and pillowshave some fun with drawing fun things on a large wall chalkboardUntil then, I’ll be enjoying the view and plotting my chalkboard scheme for next month.
Our giant office wall chalkboard with a drawing of a milkshakePromise me that whether you’re happily married, engaged, dating, or totally single, you take this weekend to SPLURGE on yourself. Promise? Pretty please with a cherry on top? YOU deserve an XL helping of whatever you love in life!Bridget Signature