How to Dress up Wine Bottles for a Bachelorette Party

Need a simple idea that you can create on the cheap to bring to your next Bachelorette Party? Whether you’re Maid of Honor, a bridesmaid or just a friend ready to celebrate the fabulous bride, this DIY is for you!!
If you’re anything like us, you adore a little creative class that dresses up the bride’s “last hoo-rah”. Well ladies, we have you covered…. literally.
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles are the perfect easy gift and they add some sparkle to boring old wine bottles!
These Bachelorette Wine Bottles are quick, easy, and will have all of the party-goers ooohhing and ahhhing over your stellar skills.
What you’ll need:
Wine Bottle
Scrapbook paper to match the theme
Hole Punch
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles are easy to DIY with a few basic supplies!
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles DIY - make the sleeves out of whatever cute wrapping paper and ribbon you have lying around!
Directions: Wrap the paper around the bottle and cut it so that it doesn’t completely cover the bottle. At the ends of the paper, go ahead and hole punch a line of holes that will hold the ribbon of the “corset”. Tip- don’t make the hole punches too close to each other or the ends of the paper. Wrap the paper with the holes around the wine bottle and tie it up (from the bottom up) with your extra long piece of ribbon. Tie the ribbon on top and you’re all set!! The best part is that these can slide off of the wine bottle if they’re not tied too tightly, so these corsets can be re-used all night long.
                     Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles - just pop the wrapping paper and ribbon sleeve over the top of the bottle and you're done! It's so easy to dress up wine bottles for a party.
Done & Done! All that’s left to do is enjoy the best part.
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles - Make these adorable bottle corsets for your next party!
You can alternate using all of the colors and designs of the night, and even add some sparkle ribbon to add even more glam!
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles - Choose a sparkly ribbon to up the glam factor.
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles - Choose your supplies to match the wedding colors!
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles made a great gift. Pick up some nice wine glasses and you are set to party!
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles
Bachelorette Party Wine Bottles in several types of wrapping paper and ribbon. Choose your favorite combinations!
Bridal gifts, a hostess gift to the MOH, or just a way to add a little creativity to your next bachelorette party- these wine bottle corsets are the way to go! Cheers!

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