Cake Stand Makeover

My dad introduced me to the world of Estate Sales years and years ago. It never mattered where we were headed or what we were supposed to be doing, if he saw a neon estate sale sign on the side of the road…we were stopping!
In my opinion, my dad was stopping to take a look at the house’s structure, to analyze the floor plan, and to ease his curiosity of a new neighborhood. Over the years, I began to look forward to these spur of the moment detours for a very different reason. Not only was this quality bonding time with one of my favorite people, but these detours led to treasures for super cheap.
So when I saw a neon sign that read “ESTATE SALE” this past weekend, you can bet that I stopped. Although I didn’t have my right-hand man with me, I still managed to walk out with a super cheap treasure!
DIY Cake Stand
Meet this charming cake stand. I loved the wood base paired with the sturdy glass top. I thought with a little TLC this dark wood combination would be perfect on our white shelving unit. I was sold.
Cake Stand Before and After

Because it was the last few hours of the estate sale, all of the merchandise was 50% off. I was able to walk out with this stunning $8 cake stand for only 4 bucks…Good deal, right dad?

Cake Stand Stain

With a little staining…

Scrapbook Paper Base
… and some vintage inspired scrapbook paper to act as a decorative base…
Retro Cake Stand

The cake stand had a whole new look! Because I stained it and added paper, I do not plan to use the stand for cakes. I thought this charming stand would get A LOT more use (knowing my baking habits) as a decorative piece with hints of kitchen decor.

Brunch anyone?

So with a little accessorizing, this estate sale treasure has far more sass in its new home. When this cake stand isn’t serving up cuteness, it can be home to a bowl of lemons, a cluster of baseballs (#compromise), or even a combo of colored Easter eggs & peeps in a few days.

Happy Early Easter to you!! Bring on the pastels, chocolate bunnies, and buckets of sidewalk chalk.

How have you used cake stands to decorate? 

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