Painting The Tiles in Our Main Bathroom

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I think Finn is getting a tad concerned because this is the THIRD tile floor I’ve stenciled in the last three months. Yep, there has been a lot of painting going on in this house lately and I can’t be stopped. Luckily, I am out of floors to work on so this is the last time you’ll see me stencil tile floors for awhile…Tips to stencil tile floors

But guys, I did it again. I stenciled the floors in our main bathroom. Why? Well, I have a few reasons.The old tile floors in our bathroom

First of all, they were pretty outdated and they needed some love, just like our guest bathroom and basement bathroom.  Also, I had leftover paint from those projects and I figured I might as well give this floor some TLC.Using Rust-Oleum HOME floor paint

Rust-Oleum also reached out to see if I could help them create a how-to video for the entire floor painting process. They know my obsession with their product and I have learned so many tips and tricks along the way so I was eager to share! I receive the same questions every time I share a tile floor project, so a video tutorial answering all of them seemed like it would be a really helpful tool too.

Our Main BathroomOur main bathroom before

Before we get to the painting goodies, let’s backtrack and talk about this bathroom because you haven’t seen much of it here on the blog. This bathroom is located in our bedroom and it has a double vanity, jacuzzi tub, and a tiny shower. The bathroom was built in the 90’s and it shows its age. It even has that same flower tile that you saw in our guest bathroom shower.Our bathtub before

Our plan is to completely gut this space next year and do an overhaul of the space. I would love to remove the bathtub (we have two others in the house) so I can create a large expansive shower in here. Plus, we would love new tile, a new vanity, and more!The before photos of our main bathroom

I’ve done a few “Phase 1” updates to the space to tide us over until it’s time for the full gut. I added these round mirrors, these black marble shelves, these vanity lights, and this overhead light. I was planning to stop there until this floor tile project came up!

How to Paint Floor Tile – VideoTips to paint floor tile

If you’re looking to paint and stencil tile floors, I highly recommend watching the video. I break it down step-by-step and share lots of tips along the way. You can view it below or over on YouTube here.

Tips to stencil floor tile

Here’s a link to the exact floor stencil I used in this bathroom. I bought the medium size to fit my floor tiles and I used the colors “Charcoal Gray” and “Steam Gray” from Rust-Oleum HOME.

Painting Floor Tile – FAQHow to stencil tile floors

Since I already shared the step-by-step to paint and stencil tile floors (and more tips in this blog post), I figured I would answer some of the frequently asked questions I receive any time I showcase those projects. These are the questions that flooded my DMs when I shared our guest bathroom and basement bathroom projects.

Does this last? I’m worried it will peel or chip. My best tips to stencil floor tiles

Yes, it definitely lasts – unlike my pedicure in the above photo. Yeesh! The paint is specifically designed for this purpose and it’s meant to work even in high-traffic areas. If you follow all of the steps, the paint should adhere beautifully and last for a long time. My guest bathroom, that I painted in June, still looks perfect and we use that bathroom constantly!

Do I really just clean the floor before I paint? Do I need to sand them?Use krud kutter to clean your floors really well

All you need to do is a thorough scrub with a good cleaner degreaser (I use Krud Kutter). Also, be sure to remove any caulk you might have. I haven’t had to do that because my areas didn’t have any caulk on the edges, but you could follow the details in this post to get it out.

How do you clean the painted floors?Tips to clean your stenciled floors

You can stick to your normal cleaning routine, but I would avoid anything too abrasive. I use my Dyson vacuum on my floors to pick up any dust and debris and then I mop them every other week when I clean the bathrooms. For the most part, you should be able to follow your normal cleaning schedule, even with painted floors.

Can I use this product to paint the tiles in my shower?

No. You should not use this product in a shower. Rust-Oleum actually makes a paint product specific for bathtubs and shower tile. I shared all about that in this blog post.

Do you paint the grout too?Painting the grout lines
Yes, you paint the grout and no, it doesn’t look strange! I have always used the base color on the grout lines and it looks fantastic.

Where do I buy this product?where to buy rust-oleum home paint floor

I order online at Home Depot, but it’s also sold at Menards. You can search here to find the best place to buy it near you.

Can I just paint it all one color or do I have to stencil?painting the bathroom floor

You can definitely paint it all the same color! Stenciling is the most time-intensive part of this project, so if you want to skip it, this DIY should be a breeze! I’ve had many readers share their cool spaces where they painted their floors all one color. Gorgeous!

Can I use this on lineoleum/concrete/wood/etc.Painted floor tile

This product can be used on much more than just tile. I recommend checking out the product description to see all of the materials it’s compatible with. I do know it works on tile, vinyl, wood, concrete, laminate, and linoleum.

Do I need to buy a specific top coat for this?You must use the top coat to seal the painted floors

Yes, you must use the Rust-Oleum HOME top coat. You can buy the kit that has it! I’ve always used the matte, but the semi-gloss is pretty too!

Can I use normal wall paint? Tips to stencil floor tiles

No! This paint is specifically designed for floors.

I got little fibers from the roller stuck in my paint. What did I do wrong?Use a 1/4 inch nap roller

You probably used a 3/8 inch nap roller for your top coat. It’s important to use a 1/4 inch nap roller for that step.

Can you touch-up the paint over time? Fix spots by painting the base color over it

Yes! If you find that a little area scratches over time, you can touch it up with the base coat, put the top coat over that area, and you’re good to go.

But really, will this paint last? Bathroom refresh to add value to your home

Haha, yes! I’ve had close friends text me and say, “Casey, but does it really last? You can tell me the truth.” Guys, I wouldn’t do a project three times if it didn’t work. My floors look awesome and I would recommend this to anyone.

Bathroom Before & After

before painting the tile floors
My best tips to stencil floor tiles
 plain floor tile
Stencil floor tile

It truly does make the space look a heck of a lot more modern and upgraded. Those dirty grout lines were driving me bonkers, so I’m happy to no longer stare at them when I’m in this bathroom. I’m also pleased I went with a dark color because why not?! I may end up using a dark tile in here someday when we renovate the space, so this was a good way to “test” it out.

Main Bathroom Gameplan – What’s Next?


peeling vanity So, unfortunately, the painter’s tape peeled off some of the finish on the vanity. Ugh. I think it just shows how inexpensive and poorly made this vanity truly is. It’s pushing me to potentially paint the vanity (I know, this would be the THIRD painted vanity in the last three months too!), but I will probably wait until we’re done with the kitchen to tackle that.

Tips to stencil tile floors

I still want to completely renovate this space sometime in 2021 so it’s more functional for our everyday lives. Until then, I’ll enjoy my new statement floors because they’re bringing so much life to this old space!


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