Upcycled Coffee Can Planter

In preparation for Friday’s Patio Reveal (can’t wait to show you!!), I thought I would share one of the easy DIY crafts I created to add some color to this new space. Check it out…
These diy coffee can planters are a great way to upcycle empty coffee cans
Don’t tell anyone, but I scored this empty (and FREE) coffee can in the recycle bin at work. When no one was looking, I snuck this treasure out of the teacher’s lounge and into my bag. I knew she would be a great addition to the DIY to-do list.
A normal coffee can can be useful even after it's empty

First step, clean the container.

Clean out the coffee can and add three holes to the bottom

Second step, add some holes to the bottom of the can to allow the water to drain. (yes, you probably need to use your power tool to do this. I promise it’s not nearly as scary as you think). To drill these three holes literally took me less than 2 minutes.

remove the can label so you can decorate it
Next up, remove the label.
For this coffee can planter, I wrapped twine around the can

Using this tutorial, I switched off using my hot glue gun and wrapping the roll of jute around the can. To be honest, this step can get a little boring after a while but on a brighter note, it’s an easssyyyy one. That’s all that counts right?

use a hot glue gun to secure the twine to the outside of the can

Keep on wrapping…

Keep wrapping until the whole can is covered

Until the can is all covered up!

make sure the layers of rope are close enough together so you don't see any metal or glue

Rookie tip: Make sure each layer of the jute (or rope) is close together so you don’t see any of the hot glue.

Add some paint to the coffee can planter for some extra color

Unlike the plain jute tutorial, I wanted to add a little extra charm to this planter. I used some old paint I had laying around the house to add a color that would compliment our patio set.

paint the lower half of the rope with the paint and let dry

I painted it on carefully, making sure to run the paintbrush very slowly around the top line. If you don’t trust yourself to create a straight line, feel free to add a little painter’s tape and dab the paint around the tape. This will ensure the paint will not sneak under the tape line. Now the hardest part, waiting for this paint to dry.

add some soil and whatever flowers you'd like to your new planeter

Then I added a plant (a begonia to be exact) and some potting soil to finish off my upcycled coffee can planter.

this pretty blue/gray color is a nice pop of color

I love that the blue/grey paint makes the colors of the plant and colorful watering can POP!

upcycle your old coffee cans with this super simple diy project

Although this coffee can was technically in the recycle bin, I’m glad to know that I gave her new life and a new home on our patio. Tune in Friday for the big reveal!!

Easy DIY coffee can planter tutorial

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