My Gameplan for Our Guest Bathroom Refresh

The bathrooms in our Finn Fixer Upper are dated. Very dated. They’re all about 20-30 years old and it shows. We have big plans to renovate each one in the coming years, but for now, we thought it would be fun to do a budget-friendly guest bathroom refresh.Our guest bathroom

We’ve actually been using this bathroom a lot lately because we give Rory a bath in here every single night. This girl loves a good bath. She might be fussy or crying, but when we put her in that warm water, she instantly relaxes and melts right in. It’s adorable! But since we’ve been spending so much time in this room, it reaaaally makes me want to improve it. The dirty floor tile, the weathered wood on the vanity, and the overall blahhhh feeling in this room are a little sad. Plus, we already got a head start when we recaulked the tub. So why not do a guest bathroom refresh?

Our guest bathroom beforeI think many people live with a space they don’t love for years because they’re just waiting to do a big renovation to change it up…so why spend money before then? Well, I think there are so many quick DIY projects and swaps you can do to love that room NOW! And there’s no need to spend a ton of cash to get it looking much better. Let me show you my budget guest bathroom refresh ideas…

Stenciling the Tile FloorMy floor tile before painting

First thing on the agenda? The floor! We have beige tile that is dirty and boring and could use some TLC. I’ve seen some amazing painted tile tutorials out there and I’ve always wanted to try it out myself. I shopped this website to find a stencil (they have so many cool ones, it was hard to choose) and I ended up buying this one. I think it will give a cement tile look that coordinates with the laundry room floor tile.How to paint floor tile with paint from Rust-Oleum

I ended up using this floor paint from Rust-Oleum and let’s just worked wonders. I’ll share the full DIY tutorial and reveal on the blog this Thursday. I have a feeling you’re all going to want to paint your outdated tile floors after reading it!

Painting the VanityThe vanity before

Ever since we moved in, we’ve been itching to paint the vanities in our bathrooms for a quick fix. Honestly, we should have just painted them when we had the paint sprayer all setup for the built-ins. Oh well, now is the time! I’m going with the color “Starless Night” from Behr and it’s a gorgeous deep navy color. I think it will coordinate well with the office built-ins that are down the hall. We have a lot of blues and greens in our house, so I think this will keep things cohesive around here.Our vanity before

I’ve never actually painted cabinets before, so I’ll share all of my newbie tips along the way. Right now, the vanity is in rough shape so I have a feeling I have a lot of sanding ahead of me. It should be fun to give it a new life with paint and then I’m thinking I’ll use gold hardware to match what we have in the nursery.

Swapping Out the Light Fixture & MirrorLight fixture in the bathroom

As long as I’m doing the floor and vanity, I might as well get rid of the mirror and light fixture in here. They’re builder-basic and outdated and I’m hopeful that it won’t be too tricky to replace them.New mirror in the bathroom

Honestly, I’m not totally sure what I’ll find when I rip out the mirror. Will there be a lot of drywall to repair behind it? Will it come off easily? We shall see!

Adding Decor & AccessoriesAdd shelves over the bathroom toilet

Once I have those elements in place, I’ll need to add new accessories throughout. Over the past year, I added these black marble shelves and this towel hook and they’ve worked beautifully. However, I’m not totally sure if they’ll work with the new direction of the space, but we’ll see as it comes together. I could always move them somewhere else in the house. The accessories are always the best part, so I’m excited to get a few new items for the space. I already purchased this rug from my favorite Turkish shop (it’s the same place I got Rory’s nursery rug). I want a little bit of pink in the room since this will be her bathroom, after all.  I also have this cute step stool that I got as a gift for our baby shower and I’ll eventually be adding that in front of the vanity in here!

Guest Bathroom Refresh – Mood BoardGuest bathroom refresh

Step Stool // Light Fixture // Mirror // Stencil // Rug // Faucet // Shelf // Knob // Handle

What’s Next?Casey in the bathroom before

As I mentioned, I’ll share the stenciled floor on the blog this Thursday. I’m so eager for you to see how it turned out and to share all of my tips along the way. You’re going to LOVE it!


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