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Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.Reader OMG blog series

So far we’ve featured these amazing homes in the series…

Andrea’s City Chic Condo

Andrea's city chic condo
  • Homeowners: Dan, Andrea, their baby girl, Audrey, along with two cats – Kate & Spade
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Home Type: Condo; 3 bedroom, 2 baths
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Describe your Home Style: Our style is a mix of modern and boho. Much of our condo is very city chic – we have brass hardware and accents, clean lines, light, and bright rooms. But we’ve paired that with some boho elements like wool rugs, whimsical wallpaper, plants and greenery, and bold accent colors.
  • Favorite Spot in your House: Audrey’s nursery! It was the space we were the most excited to tackle, but because of fertility struggles it was the one we had to wait the longest to do. However, our baby girl was so worth the wait! Her nursery strikes a balance of both cute and contemporary. We love spending time in there, picking out which onesie to wear, practicing tummy time, and cozying up for snuggles.
city chic white and navy kitchen

My assistant, Lindsey, forwarded me Andrea’s submission with the comment, “Wow, she really did her homework.” Andrea had submitted a full PowerPoint deck with photos and stories about her gorgeous home here in Chicago. But, I wasn’t surprised in the least because I know Andrea! She was the valedictorian of our high school – hence the super organized and thorough submission – and we both went to the University of Notre Dame.

black and white nursery

It has been over a decade since I have seen Andrea and I was so excited to tour her gorgeous home, meet her adorable family, and catch up on ten years worth of life events!

Andrea and her family

After years of struggling to start a family, Andrea and Dan recently welcomed baby Audrey into their world. We bonded over our shared infertility journeys and talked about all things baby! Isn’t her little girl just the sweetest? That hair! Rory is jealous, let me tell ya.

modern dining room

Andrea and her husband purchased this condo back in 2019. At the time, they were unsure if they wanted to buy a single-family home here in Chicago. They ended up choosing this condo because it was new construction and they were able to choose all of the finishes for this light-filled corner unit. Andrea liked that they could tiptoe into homeownership and put their stamp on their home, without having to maintain a single-family home with a yard.

Black cat in a window sill

The space is gorgeous and you’ll find lots of Chicago and cat-themed details throughout. (They even added this cute cat door to hide the litter box in their laundry room!) See if you can spot all of those details. Let’s dive in…

The Living Room

modern city condo living room
built ins around fireplace
condo living room open concept
city chic condo with a leather sofa in a living room

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Walls); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim)

The moment you enter their city chic condo, you’ll notice the grand ceilings and large windows. Even though this is a city space, it feels anything but small and cramped. I’m always a fan of built-ins and these look gorgeous with the marble fireplace in the middle and a Frame TV above it. Their built-ins are filled with accessories that tell their story…wedding albums, artwork from when they were dating, Notre Dame mementos, and Chicago themed artwork. I always love entering a home and learning more about the people who live there by noticing their accessories.

The shag rug brings in that boho style that Andrea mentioned, but the navy swivel chairs and leather couch make it feel a bit more modern and glam. You’ll also notice a good variety of straight and rounded lines in here. The straight lines of the bookshelves complement the curves of the brass circle shelf and the rounded edges of the furniture. It is so well done!

I love how open and airy this room feels, especially since it opens right into the kitchen and dining areas. And it was smart to keep the curtains looking flowy and light with these silk curtain panels and brass rod. Oh, and how about that cute blanket ladder? It’s cozy, while adding some height to that corner.

The Kitchen

navy lower kitchen cabinets
modern kitchen set up
gold kitchen faucet

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Walls); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim); Benjamin Moore “Old Navy”

Since the couple was moving into a new construction building, they were able to choose all of the finishes for the space. I love that they went with navy lower cabinets. That’s not something you see all of the time. And the cream upper cabinets show you just how tall their ceilings are. Look how high they go!

Andrea said that they must have subconsciously chosen a blue and gold theme because of their love of Notre Dame. Ha! The brass details really warm up the space, including the gorgeous pendants and brass faucet. The couple loves the show Great British Bake Off, so you’ll often find them in here whipping up yummy treats. What a place to bake!

The Dining Room

modern dining table with bench
modern dining room minimal

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Walls); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim)

Before moving to Chicago, the couple lived in Boston, and that’s where they snagged the dining table, chairs, and bench and have since added these chairs to the ends. This ensemble was the first “grown up” furniture they ever bought and they did a good job!

If you’re local, Andrea said she snagged the buffet table and mirror at a local spot, Nadeau, in Ravenswood. They have lots of good West Elm and CB2 look-a-likes for less! Again, I was amazed by how big their dining room was for a city unit. This entire room is an entertainer’s dream!

Guest Bathroom

wall paper bathroom
modern bathroom sink round mirror
bathroom accent wall

Paint Colors: Wallpaper

This bathroom lives off of their main room, so they wanted to do something a bit fun and different. Wallpaper was the answer! Now, this was their first time ever wallpapering and I’ve gotta say this is a tough paper for first-timers. (Here’s my step-by-step for this DIY.) All of the details in the paper can be tough to line up. But in the end they did a gorgeous job! Throughout the rest of the room, Andrea added this mirror, these shelves, and this cute accent table to bring in some wood elements.

The Main Bedroom & Bathroom

accent wood wall bedroom
bed throw pillows
bedroom office
bedroom gallery wall
walk in condo shower
double vanity condo bathroom

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Bedroom Walls); Sherwin Williams “Passive” (Bathroom Walls); Benjamin Moore “Herb Bouquet” (Accent Wall); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim)

I love the pop of color in their main bedroom and the fact that the couple DIY’ed the feature wall by themselves, using this tutorial. Andrea even channeled her inner Finn and figured out the math for the wood wall, using an Excel sheet. And how about that color? Such a gorgeous shade of green that goes well with their rug.

Like many of us, Andrea found herself suddenly working from home, so she set up a small desk area in her bedroom. It’s such a cute spot to get work done. Oh, and I must mention the gallery wall around the Frame TV in the bedroom. It’s a genius way to camouflage it and make it work with your decor.

As for the main bathroom, Andrea said the word to describe it is “luxurious” and I totally agree. Double sinks and a steam shower really make it feel extra swanky!

Guest Room

modern guest room
modern bookshelf
chicago local prints
modern guest room

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Walls); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim)

Andrea mentioned that this room is still a work in progress, but I think it looks pretty amazing! I adore the rug, bed frame, and the cute bookcase. Plus, there are so many cute nods to Chicago and their favorite neighborhoods. What a wonderful spot for their guests.

The Nursery

black and white penguin nursery
nursery dresser set up in a city chic condo
handpainted penguins knobs

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” (Walls); Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Trim)

I think I left the best spot for last…Audrey’s nursery. This room was a long time in the making and Andrea dreamed of doing a black and white space (infants love the contrast), featuring penguins, her favorite animal, when she finally got pregnant.

After her IVF transfer, during Andrea’s two week wait to find out if she was pregnant, she allowed herself to work on the space and she handpainted the knobs on the dresser to look like little penguins. Once the test came back positive (!!!), she got to work making this the most adorable penguin-themed room you ever did see. I especially love the black triangle feature wall and can’t imagine the math that went into figuring out the placement for all of those decals.

The modern crib, white rug, and black blackout curtains drive the theme home. And all of the accessories like the mirror, shelves, and penguin mobile really make it feel extra cozy and cute.

Shop the Look – City Chic Condo

Logan Square Print // Blanket Ladder // Throw Blanket // Wall Shelf // Gold Vase // Faux Plant // Faux Olive Tree // Woven Basket // Couch // Rug // Chair

A cute family in their city condo

A big thank you to Andrea and her adorable family for letting me crash their morning. It was wonderful to see an old friend and her stunning city chic condo.

city chic condo graphic

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