• I Heart Grandma’s Kitchen

    I Heart Grandma’s Kitchen

    Grandmas. Like moms, grandmas wear all kinds of hats.Beyond playing mom and grandma, these caring women are responsible for also being: wives, sisters, aunts, nurses, social workers, life coaches, bankers, neighbors, friends, professional organizers, caretakers, cleaners, baby-sitters, personal shoppers, landscapers, gardeners, and if your grandma is anything like mine…. master chefs. Of course both of my

  • LOVE Picture Frame

    Today I want to highlight a project that is an oldie but a goodie. It’s the L-O-V-E picture frame that we gifted to my mom for Christmas. Here is the original post if you want to create your own. This project has gotten a lot of….well love here on DIY Playbook. Many of you have

  • Creating a “Wordle”

    Creating a “Wordle”

    All this week we’re helping you “shop around” for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. Lucky for you I’ve got a one of a kind gift that you (and your mom!) will adore. It’s called a “wordle.” Okay, perhaps it has a funny name. But I promise you it’s pretty darn amazing.

  • Everyone Loves Coffee

    Everyone Loves Coffee

    This week is a SPECIAL week here on DIY Playbook. That’s because everyday we are going to pay tribute to the most important women in our lives…our moms! That means all this week, we’ll be giving our readers plenty of unique gift ideas for your own mothers, grandmothers…really just any woman you want to show

  • Our Home Improvement Time Capsule

    Have you ever seen one of these? A planter? Maybe. A catch-all? Sometimes. A conversation starter? Definitely. Every visitor that has been to our house has commented on this little black box. Questions, suggestions, jokes… we’ve heard it all, trust me. As much as we loved to hear all of the theories that our guests

  • Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

    Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

    I’ve received a few questions about the mirror hanging in our guest bedroom. Where is it from? What other colors do they have? I want one for my house, where can I buy it?! Well, I’m here to tell you that you can all have your own sunburst mirror (in any color!) at the low

  • How to Make a Paint Swatch Calendar

    How to Make a Paint Swatch Calendar

    So we’ve only been at this blogging thing for a short amount of time, but we have both quickly learned that a lot of PLANNING goes into running a blog. Projects, pictures, and posts need to be prepped all.the.time. (Wow, way too much alliteration going on there!) Good thing we both consider ourselves to be

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore

    We have a lot to celebrate around here. Casey’s birthday (more about that here) just so happens to fall on another important day in the DIY Playbook: Earth Day! In honor of saving Mother Nature one DIY project at a time, we are here to let you in on a little secret. This secret seems pretty fitting on

  • Engagement Resolution

    Engagement Resolution

    From what I make of wedding planning so far, organization is KEY! With so much to keep track of, I feel like I’ve been on information overload and my wedding to-do list already seems endless! Just like the famous idea of a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to make an Engagement Resolution. This resolution has been created to combat any feelings

  • How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer

    How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer

    Does anyone else have an obsession with mason jars? I don’t know what it is about them…but they are just so freakin’ adorable. I suppose I imagine myself with a different life when I hold one.  I’m sitting on a porch, drinking sweet tea, and sitting in a rocking chair. Okay, enough day dreaming. Let’s

  • Chevron Bookcase

    Chevron Bookcase

    Sometimes an old piece of furniture seems like it’s so ugly or plain that it has no hope for a successful DIY make-over. Take this bookcase for example.   This bookshelf was a staple in my teeny-bopper bedroom. It held things that awkward pre-teen girls loved back then; like picture frames, Michael Jordan books and

  • Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters

    Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters

    So I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie. I adore all of the quirky and whimsical home decor they sell in their store. But, I’m not a big fan of their sky-high prices. So being the thrifty gal that I am…I typically browse Anthro for inspiration and try and recreate their gorgeous pieces right at