• Tray Makeover

    I love the green-rustic look of this simple tray, BUT I just couldn’t make the green work in our new guest room. I know I’ll regret it come March, but for now, I’m happy that I was able to incorporate this cutie pie into our guest bedroom without spending a dollar!  I bought this tray

  • A Mailbox Gets a Bright Makeover

    A Mailbox Gets a Bright Makeover

    Right now, I’m paying “rent” to my roomie via DIY projects. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. (More on that here) So, I’ve been slowly taking inventory at Janimal’s house and seeing what I can transform to make it even more fabulous. My mom recently painted her front door a bright and

  • Easy DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

    Easy DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

    We recently headed to a bachelorette party and we didn’t want to show up empty-handed. So we made a super simple party favor…

  • Vintage Suitcase turned Wedding Card Box

    Vintage Suitcase turned Wedding Card Box

      Let’s skip the lovey, dovey intro and get right to the good stuff… the DIY dirt. My “borrowed” Wedding DIY is… …a vintage card box. My wedding is going to have a vintage, Victorian feel (I think) and this vintage suitcase turned card box will fit the bill perfectly (I hope). You can tell I

  • Rustic Love Note Box for Engagement Photos

    Rustic Love Note Box for Engagement Photos

    Guys, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about wedding week. There is just something about weddings that makes me all ooey gooey inside. Even before I was ever planning my own wedding, I had a fascination with this momentous event. I never missed an episode of Four Weddings or Say Yes to the

  • Library Card Inspired Save the Dates

    Library Card Inspired Save the Dates

      (Disclaimer: We have partnered with Red Star Designs to bring you this post. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own and are not influenced by Red Star Designs.) A little fun fact about the future bride & groom: we love checking out new libraries. As we adventure to new small towns, a

  • Bridget’s Paint Colors

    Bridget’s Paint Colors

    I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the paint colors in my house. DIY Playbook rule #87: you ask, we spill. So here ya have it…. Choosing the paint colors for our house was no easy task. With a paint deck that had about 4.4 million colors in it, I was completely overwhelmed and got sucked into a

  • Ideas for a Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party

    Ideas for a Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party

    I’ve never been in a wedding before. Not as a bridesmaid, not as a junior bridesmaid, and not even as a flower girl. Until now that is! My big sister got married last weekend and guess who was the co-maid of honor? This lady!! The good news: I didn’t rock this hair-do.   The bad news: it is my first

  • Utensil Holder Featuring My Favorite Recipe

    Utensil Holder Featuring My Favorite Recipe

    Today is a very special day…it’s my Meme’s Birthday! To celebrate this fabulous day, I want to share a homemade gift I made for my grandma a few years back. It’s a utensil holder for the kitchen and acts as a catch-all for spatulas, whisks, and everything in between.  I must say it’s quite the

  • A Gold & Glamorous Brunch

    A Gold & Glamorous Brunch

      Good morning sunshines! As we prep for a gold and glamorous new year, these rookies are all about GLAM here on DIY Playbook.   We’re putting a twist on a traditional brunch, and adding a touch of gold to really make your breakfast accessories shine. A ladies’ brunch (or festive New Year’s par-tay) is not

  • Upcycled Planter Box

    Remember that random old planter we had in our entryway? We removed it from the half wall, but we were left with this random tin box that had no real purpose. Until now! We decided to finally give the “old planter” what we think it deserves.1. Real life, living Flowers2. A place to shine, or

  • Bourbon Bottle Soap Dispenser

    Bourbon Bottle Soap Dispenser

    Like most men, my dad is into “swill.” Yep, we’re an Irish family and we definitely like to get our swill on. Lately, my dad is digging bourbon whiskey. Single malt, single barrel…I don’t really know much about the stuff…but I do know that he loves it! So I thought it would only be fitting