Creating a “Wordle”

All this week we’re helping you “shop around” for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.
Lucky for you I’ve got a one of a kind gift that you (and your mom!) will adore.
It’s called a “wordle.”
A DIY Word Collage is a great gift idea for your mom/best friend or any other special person in your life!
Okay, perhaps it has a funny name. But I promise you it’s pretty darn amazing.
A wordle is essentially a collection of words in a “word cloud.” I’ve given wordles as gifts to the important people in my life, and I create a word collage with text that I feel defines that person.
You can use adjectives that describes them, and places, people, and events that make them who they are!
My mom made this DIY Word Collage aka "wordle" for me for my 21st Birthday.
My mom actually first introduced me to the “wordle.” She made one for me for my 21st birthday. I still love love love it! I read it and think about all of the wonderful things going on in my life at that age. The colorful ribbon she added to the frame really makes it pop! Also, you can probably tell I was really into the color pink back then…#ohboy.
World DIY Word Collage
Today, I’m going to show you how you can make your very own wordle for F-R-E-E and in under 10 minutes. Cheap & Fast…my kind of project!
First, head on over to
A Wordle is a fun and easy DIY word collage you can make as a gift for free!
You’ll be taken to the homepage, which looks like the image above.
Click on “Create your own”.
To create your wordle, you type all your words into a box and the computer makes the collage for you!
Now it’s time to get your wordle on! Here’s where I have a few tips & tricks for you…
Wordle Tip #1: I would type your text in a word document. If you want to change anything later on, you will have to re-type everything into the text box on the wordle site. If you have a separate document, you can just copy and paste.
Wordle Tip #2: The size of the words in the wordle are determined by how many times you type that word into the text box. For example, if I want my wordle to say “DIY Playbook” really big, then I will type “DIY Playbook” into the text book 3-5 times.  So I suggest typing important words in a few times so they’re highlighted in the wordle.
Then, all you do is hit “Go”!
Here's a simple wordle I made for the DIY Playbook.
Wordle will automatically determine your color, font, and layout.
This DIY word collage, aka "wordle" is the one I made for DIY Playbook! You can see our names and some of our favorite things!
But, if you hit “randomize” an entirely new look will come up.
You can keep clicking through until you find one that works for your collage.
Or you can customize it!
Wordle lets you customize your Word Collage until it looks exactly the way you want it.
Play around until you get it just the way you like it! Then print!
I made one for the Janimal a few years back.
Wordle Word Collage in Pottery Barn Frame
I spent a few days thinking of every single word I could to describe her. I suggest taking a few days and keep adding to your word list. Because the moment you print it, you’ll think of a word you forgot!
Then print and find a fabulous frame to put it into. Feel free to customize it even further with ribbon, or keep it clean and classic with just a frame mat.
The word collage, aka Wordle that I made for my mom a few years ago. See all the many words I thought of to describe her?
Jan’s wordle is full of words that describe my best friend. Wordle in frame that I made for Animal.
So there you have it that’s what a “wordle” is all about!
Let us know if you create this one-of-a-kind piece for your mom this Mother’s Day. All it takes is a little time, and a whole lot of LOVE to make this personal present.